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Trainings aimed at the needs of the employers

78% of graduates find employment within 3 months

Is it possible to learn programming in 5 months?

Of course! Thanks to our trainers and workshops in the form of workshops from scratch you will learn how to think like a programmer. During this time, you will acquire skills in the area of the chosen programming language that will allow you to get your first job as a junior programmer.

What do we need from you?


Analytical and logical thinking skills


Motivation and strong commitment


Availability of a minimum of 16 hours per week


Teamwork skills

What distinguishes Software Development Academy?

  • Longest courses in Poland

  • Certificate and internal recruitment fairs

  • Trainers - only active programmers

  • Practital workshops

  • Absolvent Success Program

We help you find a job

As the only programming academy we are the creators of the Graduate Success Programme.
The programme provides constant and complex care of every course participant & alumni of our programmes.

- You will receive support at every level during your job searchings

- You will get valuable tips how to come into being in IT industry

- Meeting with HR consultants

- Effective job-seeking

- Improve your CV

- Get tips on how to handle an interview with recruiters

- Meet potential employers

- Present your accomplishments

- Have at least 5 job interviews

- Start cooperation with companies that you find interesting

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Opinions of our graduates

  • Adrian Maryniewski

    iOS Developer Java from scratch “It was such a hard work for four months, but it pays off. The decision to change the industry is a decision for years, not weeks. I heartily recommend!”
  • Łukasz Perwejnis

    Junior Developer Java from scratch “Do you want to know the basics of programming? Are you motivated? Can you spend a lot of time achieving your goal? This is a course for you, but remember – no pain, no gain!”
  • Maciej Lisowski

    Junior testing and analysis engineer .NET from scratch “Professional selection of trainers and very good contact with the organizer. This course is a great entry into the IT industry. After 1.5 weeks after the course I received an offer to work with one of the largest companies in the IT industry.”
  • Magdalena Majchrzak

    Software Developer Front-end, back-end development “I'm an example that the courses give you a good start and the opportunity to start programming adventure. I have completed the front-end course and I have been working as a graphic designer for more than 2 years now”
  • Bartosz Usowicz

    Service Desk Specialist Python “I recommend this course. Thanks to that training I found a job in the IT industry. By completing the course, companies are more likely to respond to work applications.”

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Our Partners

These are they who recruit you, our graduates.

How it works?

  • Application process

    • Select the course
    • Submit an application
    • GYou will receive a reply within 48 hours with the information pack
    • You will receive your customer assistant
    Czas: 2 days
  • Initial training

    • We will send you online courses
    • You are able to verify if programming intrests you
    • You are prepared for material that will be implemented during the course
    Czas: 1 week
  • Practical workshops

    • For 5/7 months you will learn the chosen programming language
    • You will learn how to solve problems
    • You will create your own code and practical projects
    • You will publish everything in the repository
    Czas: 3-4 months
  • HR Class

    • You will meet with HR consultants
    • It will prepare you for an effective job search
    • You will improve your resume
    • You will get tips on how to make a good impression during an interview
    Czas: 2 weeks after the course

Developer's job market


a deficit of workers in 2017



is enough to find a job

5k PLN


the average programmer salary

What does the programmer's job look like?

You will get to the fastest growing industry. You will be involved in developmental and diverse projects. You will also receive a whole range of benefits.

You will work in a diverse, often international environment, implementing new technology projects. You will be able to choose the equipment yourself, on which you will work and select the right tools to improve the comfort and efficiency of your work. You will be able to choose the equipment you will work with and choose the right tools to improve your comfort and efficiency. Estimated staff shortages in this area are about 50,000. specialists. By the end of 2020 is expected to create another 900,000 workplaces across the Europe. That is why programmers are the most appreciated group of employees.