Methods of payment

Are you looking for a discount? Are you interested in paying in installments? Or maybe you would like to obtain funds for the course? Take a look at the funding opportunities offered by our academy If you have any questions, did not find a model that you were looking for or need a model perfectly tailored to your needs, please contact our consultants and we will work together to find the optimal solution.

  • Pay in advance

    If you decide to make a one-off payment, you will receive a guaranteed 5% discount on the final price of the course.

  • Course loan 0%

    You have no cash but would like to participate in the course? Together with our financial partner, Alior Bank, we have prepared a special offer where the cost of credit is on us! Credit consists of 10 equal installments.

  • Loans over 10 installments

    It is also possible to extend your credit term if you need to! You can divide the payment into as much as 60 installments at 0.5% monthly interest rate. You are learning a most promising profession and at the same time building your credit history.

  • Division of payment in the SDA

    You are not willing to get involved in a bank procedure? We can divide the payment into three installments within the academy

  • Financing by the Labour Office

    Are you registered as unemployed? We can help you to obtain funding from the Labour Office. We are a training institution with many years of experience in this scope.

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