Trainers at Software Development Academy are genuine practitioners in the field

Practical education is our priority from the beginning till the very end. That’s why our lecturers are practitioners with years of experience in their trade, and have teaching skills as well. Practical approach to studying programming guarantees the highest quality of the process and allows us to adapt the syllabus to the current market trends. The syllabus is drawn up by a professional coordinator who does their best to make all the interested parties satisfied with the effect of the work.

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  • Adam Chodera

    Android Programming Coach

    Adam graduated from the Gdańsk University of Technology with a master’s degree in informatics. He has 4 years of professional experience. Today, he creates applications for Android devices for various companies as a freelancer and further develops his “Show yourself online” brand which creates websites, among other things. He has been teaching programming at SDA since February 2017 because he likes sharing knowledge and experience with others. In his opinion, the involvement of both parties and the desire to learn produce the best effects. His interests include modern technologies and devices, including smartphones and cryptocurrencies, and personal development.

    4 lyears

    Freelance Android Developer at Green Robots - Adam Chodera

  • Ryszard Bosiak

    HTML and CSS coach

    The technologies and languages that ​​Ryszard uses include, among others: HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, and EpiServer. He has been an SDA trainer since July 2017. He teaches programming because he likes sharing his knowledge and experience in programming and project management. Ryszard likes to be around people who have a thirst for knowledge and specific questions related to the topics he’s familiar with. He is interested in new technologies.

    3 years


  • Michał Głowacki

    Programming coach

    A graduate in Computer Science from the University of Gdańsk. Michał is a Scrum Master and software tester. He is certified by the ISTQB Foundation and PSM I. Since June 2017 he has been working as a trainer at SDA because he likes sharing his knowledge and experience. He also believes that this work gives him an opportunity to get to know new, interesting people. Michał is interested in new technologies, start-ups, and beekeeping.

    5 years

    Travactory N.V.

  • Maciej Rzepiński

    Java Programming Coach

    He received his education at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. His job involves working with several teams to create and maintain the main IT systems belonging to the company. Maciej started with PHP, later also programming in Java, JavaScript, and related technologies. He is a certified Scrum Master. His interests include UI/UX, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

    7 years

    Lider Zespołu and Senior Software Engineer at Wolters Kluwer Polska SA

  • Dawid Drozd

    Java and Android Programming Coach

    Dawid gained programming experience working at, among others,, Playsoft, and Milo Solutions. Virtually all his professional life he has been involved with mobile devices. He became an SDA trainer in July 2017 because he loves to share knowledge and inspire others. Just talking about technology is fun for him. His interests include low-level programming and optimization. In his free time, he does extreme sports.

    6 years

    Senior C++ Developer at Playsoft

  • Rafał Roppel

    Substantive coordinator of Java

    Rafał has been working for 12 years in his profession, he acquired experience in the biggest IT companies. Currently he is Development Team Lead in Solwit SA. He is mathematician specializing in computer science and numerical methods. Rafał works at Software Development Academy since March 2016. He is a coach, because passing on knowledge gives him a lot of satisfaction.

    12 years

    Development Team Lead in Solwit SA

  • Rafał Przetakowski

    C/C++, Python, PHP Programming Coach

    Rafał gained his professional experience by working with the biggest brands in Poland: Vectra, Wirtualna Polska, Comarch. Currently, he runs his own business. He has technical education. He has been teaching in Software Development Academy since June 2015.

    25 years

    CEO at Beeflow Ltd

  • Piotr Mariański

    PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS Programming Coach

    Piotr has been working in profession for 7 years. He is a mechatronics engineer, graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology with great passion for programming. Piotr became a coach because he loves sharing his knowledge which brings great benefits to others. He loves meeting new people, learns something new about life and his profession during every class.

    7 years

    CEO at

  • Michał Witkowski

    Frontend Coach

    Experienced developer in JavaScript, AngularJS, LESS/SASS/CSS, Bootstrap, RWD, UI/UX, jQuery, and GreenSock. He gained experience in banking, law, telecommunications and many other fields. He is an engineer and teaches because he likes talking to people, and teaching makes his life meaningful.

    4 years

    Software Developer at Pragmatists

  • Michał Michalewski

    PHP Coach

    He is programming since middle school when he was still using Pascal and annoyed his classmates. He is programming commercially since the third year of his studies. He likes teaching and discussing difficult things in a simple way. According to him, teaching IT and its beauty involves showing problems that at first do not seem relevant.

    10 years

    Chairman of the Board in BlueBay Poland

  • Michał Szymański

    SQL, Java, C Programming Coach

    He gained professional experience during work for start-ups and large corporations, taking part in software development for the aviation, financial and telecommunication sectors. He is the co-founder of an innovative telecommunication system used by 50,000 users.

    17 years

    Development Manager at Misys

  • Aleksander Gozdek

    Koordynator merytoryczny ścieżki .NET

    Aleksander has been a .NET developer for 5 years, and programming coach for 2 years. He is responsible for delivering high quality software. He supports agile project management methods. In his daily work, he constantly seeks ways to improve the software development process. He is a graduate of the University of Gdańsk and Gdańsk University of Technology.

    5 years

    .NET Software Engineer in EPAM

  • Bartosz Wrzałka

    PHP, JavaScript

    PHP developer and web developer with more than five years of experience. Currently, the head of a 10-person IT team, M.Sc. Eng. in computer science, associated with Software Development Academy from April 2016. Became a coach because he likes sharing knowledge and observing the progress of his trainees satisfies him.

    5 years

    IT Departament Supervisor at Adar

  • Kamil Krygier

    Java and Android Programming Coach

    Acquired his professional experience in the international Sii Company. He currently works as the Software Engineer at Epam Systems. He is a graduate of computer science at the University of Gdańsk. Kamil became a coach at Software Development Academy because he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with others.

    5 years

    Software Engineer at EPAM

  • Kasper Kulikowski

    Java Programming Coach

    Kasper has been working with JAVA for many years. He is currently working at an international company as Software Engineer. He studied at the ETI Faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology. His biggest hobby is programming for Android platform, code optimization and quality. He became a coach because being Yoda and having his own padawans excels a man exponentially!

    5 years

    Software Engineer at Dynatrace

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