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How do I sign up for the course?

Fill in the application form on the website of the course. We will contact you within 48 hours with comprehensive information regarding the course, in order to complete the documents and reserve your place as soon as possible.

Is absence in class allowed?

We know that accidents happen – so yes, it is allowed to be absent in class. However, we suggest to attend the course. In case of absence we seek to deliver discussed material so that the participant can quickly make up for the classes he missed. If possible, we recommend to report planned absence to the trainer and group tutor – that way, we will be able to help you prepare better for the class after the break.

Can I enter the course without any experience in software development?

Experience in software development is not required. Our academy specializes in basic programming courses which allow to acquire competence close to that of Junior Developer. What is most significant during the course is strong motivation and willingness to learn – both of which we require. However, we suggest that you research the subject before the course begins. If you don’t know where to start, we can help you by providing mandatory online courses that will prepare you in the scope of programming rudiments.

Do I need to get prepared before the course begins?

Yes. When we contact you for the first time, we will already send you online courses which are mandatory for people who decide to participate in the proper course.

Can I participate in the course if I don’t know Polish?

We have courses in both languages – Polish and English. It’s not necessary to know Polish when you’re applying for an English one. Remember to check in which language course will be held before you apply.


Who teaches at your class?

All of our trainers are practitioners – people who actively deal with software development. Each of them undergoes detailed verification for his substantive and soft skills. This guarantees that you will be learning from professionals in their fields.

Where do you organize the classes?

It depends on the city, but in general all courses always take place in comfortable spots in city centers. For details please consult your Client Advisor.

Do you provide devices for the course?

No. We can only lend devices at the participant’s request. We will inform you of hardware requirements that must be met in order for you to program on your own computer.

How long is the course and what are the available modes?

Our standard courses consist of about 5 to 7 months of intensive training. Classes are available in the weekend mode (Saturday and Sunday, 9:00-16:00) or in the evening mode (Mon-Fri, 17:30-21:00). This allows to learn programming if you work or to repeat material from the course. However, you have to remember that classes are not everything. In order to make the most of the course you will need to dedicated some time to repeat the material, acquire the knowledge and get ready for the upcoming blocks.

Documents and payments

Can I get a VAT invoice for the course payment?

Yes. Financial documents will be sent to your e-mail address.

How do I apply for funding in the Labour Office?

First of all – let us know that you are planning to apply for funding in the Labour Office. In order to obtain funds, you need to be registered as unemployed. In order to apply for funding, go to your Labour Office and check the requirements. If you need an advice on how to fill the application form, you can consult our advisors – we will gladly explain the most important steps of the procedure. After submitting the application, the Labour Office will contact us to ask about our offer. The rest of the procedure is on us – you will be only waiting for the final decision.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

There are as many as four methods of payment! Anything to suit your possibilities and needs. If you wish to know more, please select the ‘method of payment’ tab or contact us directly.


Do I get any assistance after the course?

After the class is complete, we organize HR consultations in order to give you a comprehensive knowledge regarding preparation for successful recruitment in the IT industry. We practice all aspects of recruitment – CV, profiles in professional social media, interview scenarios and how to further grow in the industry. In addition, for next 3 months you will be receiving active support from the Absolvent Success Manager, whose task is to provide you with comprehensive support in achieving the goals of the course.

Can I get a job after the course?

Most likely, yes!  The courses are „tailored” to the IT market, which is possible thanks to our everyday cooperation with people practicing in their field. However, you need to remember that the key factors are your motivation and engagement in the course.  According to our statistics, the majority (as many as 4/5) of our students starts their first job within up to 3 months after completing the course!

Do I get a certificate after the course?

Yes. In accordance with standards of the training units entered in the Register of Training Institutions (pl. Rejestr Instytucji Szkoleniowych), we issue a certificate confirming the completion of the course and acquisition of specific competences.

What will I learn during the course?

To find out more about the course you’re interested in, please contact us and your Advisor will provide you with all the information concerning the program. However, what is common for all the courses is the maximally practical approach. Each program is a result of our know-how and working knowledge of our trainers, all of whom are practicing developers. The program consists of about 20% of theoretical introduction and as much as 80% of practical aspects, methodology and tasks.

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