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Courses targeted at employers' needs

81% of graduates found employment within 3 months

How do we teach?


80% of the time is practical exercises, live coding and specific programming problems. The remaining 20% of the time is a necessary theoretical introduction.

To measure the labor market

Our courses are based on the experience of over 120 trainers (active programmers) and periodic consultations with employers about their needs.


After working hours

Courses are held in the evening or weekend mode. Therefore, you do not have to give up your daily responsibilities. You can reconcile learning with work while still having time to rest.

What makes us different?

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    Practical approach

    80% of the course consists of exercises and live-coding and discussion of specific programming problems.

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    Classes with specialists

    All our trainers are active programmers with many years of experience.

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    You are building a portfolio

    At the end of the course you are carrying out a project that you can show the world!

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    IT interviews

    Passing the course you will get a chance to have simulated job interviews with our trainers.

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