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SDA / Lekcja demo / Demo lesson – Java EN

Write your first code and prepare to enter the IT sector.

Want to learn more about Java? Sign up for a demo lesson with our instructor and write your first code even before the course.

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To wydarzenie już się zakończyło.

Why take a demo lesson?

Demo lesson is a 3 hours long meeting – conducted by experienced instructor and programmer, who will show you the practical side of programming in Java language. Explore the world of programming with our experts. This is the perfect occasion to check out if coding is someting for you.

you will see what is and how to use Java language in practice.

jak wykonac pierwszy krok juz dzis

you will write your first lines of code

dlaczego warto rozwazyc zmiane

you will find out what the job of Java developer is all about.


during the Q&A sessions you will get answers to your questions.

Meeting Details:

  1. Introduction to the IT world:


    • IT market and earnings

    • Frontend vs. Backend – how they differ?

    • Get to know Java

  2. Live coding:


    • Explore coding tools

    • Coding session – time to create your first code

    • task discussion

  3. What you can expect during the course


    •  Find out more about the each module and explore our step by step teaching plan.

  4. Q&A


    • It’s time for your questions and our answers!


IT trainer specializing in Java courses. An enthusiast of agile methodologies, experienced as a developer. Piotr has a technical background. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at Wroclaw University of Technology.

Piotr Buczek Java Developer

ING Tech Java programmer with 8 years of experience. Graduated from the University of Silesia in Computer Science. She works in various desktop and web applications, but also does research and development on her own framework. Katarzyna works in SDA for 3 years as a trainer and content coordinator. Privately, she runs her own theater – she is a director and scriptwriter.

Katarzyna Musioł Java Developer


Take the first step and learn the Java language in practice. See how the environment looks like, write your first code and show it to the world.

To wydarzenie już się zakończyło.

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