Training programme and work opportunity for Wipro

  • Take your chance – start working in IT!

    The IT sector is developing rapidly and gives exceptional prospects for the future. You still think that it is very complex and that only programmers can find employment there? See for yourself that without any experience, after just one and a half months you can gain knowledge and skills, which are essential to take up a job in the IT domain. Take part in a training combined with an internship thanks to which you will gain invaluable experience in a multinational corporation Wipro Ltd., granting you a chance to start your very own adventure with IT!

    Service Desk Administrator

    The training programme, just in a few weeks, allows you to gain knowledge and skills that are crucial to work as a Service Desk Administrator.

    Moreover, every person accepted to the programme receives a subsidy amounting to 75% of the whole training cost! Instead of 7 380 PLN, you will pay 1 845 PLN. It is an extremely beneficial occasion to enter IT world. But there is even more, for people who eventually will be employed – their new employer, on a date defined in the agreement, shall refund 100% of the training’s costs!

    You will be responsible for, among others:

    Who can apply?

    Language knowledge is essential. As a Service Desk Administrator you can improve and use your language skills in practice. Besides a fluent command of English, we also expect you to know one of the following languages:

    If you like working with other people, working with computers is a sheer pleasure and you are development-oriented in the IT field – apply for the project and develop yourself by working for the biggest companies out there 🙂

    We invite you to our information meeting. Meet us on 27th of July in Gdańsk.

    Is it worth it?

    You get a chance to participate in a programme, which includes not only training, but also many hours of practice with mentors – all this will comprehensively prepare you to work in the new position.

    Dynamic development of the IT trade offers plenty of opportunities, but you need to take the first step! The programme’s finalists can expect a stable job in Tri-City, international work environment, a position with prospects for further development and promotion in a respected, multinational company, which offers its employees multiple benefits (e.g. private healthcare, insurance, a gym card). These are just a few of the arguments that can help you to make a decision about changing your job.


    The project is endorsed by: Software Development Academy, the leading programming academy in Poland, and Wipro Ltd – a branch of the multinational global company coming from India with over 70 years of tradition and which employs 180 thousand employees worldwide. It specialises in IT, business services and consulting.

    The company provides services to over 1000 clients, including almost 100 out of 500 biggest companies in the world. In Poland Wipro has been present since 2008 with 2 seats located in Warsaw and Gdansk as well as in several other locations, directly in the offices of their clients. Wipro Ltd considers Poland as a strategic location for expanding the company’s activity in this region.

    The project’s participants will be trained in the company’s seat in Gdansk, which is located in the business complex “Alchemia” (source: and private Wipro Ltd. archives):

The course gives you:

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    96 hours of training

    You will have nearly 100 hours of training under the eye of experts: 32h of theory (SDA training) + minimum 64h of theory combined with practice (Wipro training).
    The learning process aims at gaining essential knowledge and skills to take up a job as a Service Desk Administrator.

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    Internship in a global company

    The project includes about 70 hours of internship at Wipro Ltd, which will take place simultaneously to the theoretical learning. Thanks to that you will be comprehensively prepared to work and ready to start it right after finishing the training.

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    Change trade in a few weeks

    You need only a month and a half to be ready to work in a new position. You do not need to hold a degree in the IT field. We will train you from scratch!

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    Comprehensive course

    Even though the training directly meets the needs of Wipro Ltd, about 90% of the covered material is the same as the one expected by other companies, which offer the post of a Service Desk Administrator.

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    Employment opportunity

    After successfully passing the course and exam, you will get a chance of getting an employment agreement at Wipro Ltd Company. The number of participants employed closely depends on the vacancies that are available at the moment of finishing the course.

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    Access to the IT trade

    If in your professional life you have never crossed your ways with the IT sector, maybe it is a good time to take the chance given by this project. It is an incredibly dynamic sector, which will offer you multiple ways of development.

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    The course and employment of the finalists of the programme will take place in Tri-City. The company’s seat in Gdansk is located in a modern commercial-office complex of a high standard (Alchemia, Al. Grunwaldzka 409).

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    Do you have any questions?

    Do not hesitate to write:

How does the recruiting process look like?

  • 01

    Application process

    From 10th of July to 6th of August fill in and send the application form to us, you can find the link to it on the right.

    Till the 7th of August you need to wait for information whether after verifying your CV you have been qualified for the recruitment.


  • 02


    You are welcomed to the recruiting process, which consists of a two-step interview: assessing your soft skills, using a computer and working in the Microsoft environment as well as evaluating your language skills. Dates of the interviews: 10 July – 11 August.

    In case of qualifying for the programme, you will receive feedback from us.

  • 03

    Training with internship

    You will have 96 hours of training from 16th of August to 30th of September, which will be on a daily basis at the company’s seat in Gdansk. Those hours include both learning theory and practice. You learn everything that you will need at the beginning of your work at Wipro Ltd.

  • 04


    After successfully ending the course and passing the exam, you will get a chance of working for Wipro Ltd as a Service Desk Administrator.


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