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Java from scratch

  • How does a course at our academy look like?

    SDA was created to help you enter the industry with solid skills that will allow you to find your first job as a programmer. We focus on maximum practice, both in terms of our courses, our approach to our students, and when it comes to providing support during subsequent job searching. This approach, so far unprecedented in the teaching process, guarantees the acquisition of the skills and competencies needed to work effectively in the IT industry. Our indicators show that 81% of students find work in up to 3 months after the completion of the course!

    During the course, you will learn JAVA. You will also learn the programming tools, agile methodology, and technologies that will allow you to create your first project using this technology. Classes are held in Polish in groups of 12 to 18 students.

    Thanks to classes being held daily you can learn Java from scratch in 3 months!

  • Is programming right for you?

    Don’t worry if you have no programming experience. It is important that you have the ability to understand the rules and mechanisms that govern Java and, in general, programming:

    If you are unsure whether you will manage, contact us to get the so-called „prework”. These are materials that you will have to go through before the course and which can help you to make certain that programming is a good direction. Send an e-mail with „Prework Katowice Java” as the subject to info@sdacademy.pl and get your prework.

    Why Java?

    Multiplatform capabilities – it can be used to write software for Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and many others.
    Simplicity – clear and understandable instructions, especially beginner-friendly.
    Versatility – the ability to create both desktop and mobile applications. “Write once, work everywhere” – is a very popular saying related to Java.
    Resources – Java is a very popular language. The consequence of this popularity is its continuous improvement and creation of a huge number of standard libraries (code snippets we can use), which saves a lot of time that would otherwise have to be spent writing your own classes, that are well optimized.
    Community – a huge community, which translates into the ease of finding help and guidance.
    Popularity – Java is one of the most popular languages, which translates into a permanent demand on the labour market. It was used to create, among others, Gmail, Minecraft, Amazon, YouTube, eBay, Twitter, and most Android applications.
    Salary – high compared to other languages. Here you can see the average monthly salary of a Java developer.

What makes us different?

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    360 hours of practical workshops

    You have the chance to take part in the longest course that teaches programming from scratch! Classes consist of about 20% of theoretical introduction and 80% of practice, and our trainers are professionals with many years of experience.

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    Absolvent Success Program

    Your goal is our goal – which makes us pay particular attention to the course ending with you getting a job. We offer HR consultancy, soft skills training, recruitment preparation – everything you need to get a job.

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    Attractive class schedule

    You can learn Java from scratch in 3 months, but you need to devote time to work with the teacher from Monday to Friday. You should also remember that self-study after hours increases the chance of successful completion of the course.

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    Certificate and portfolio

    After completing the course you will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the course and acquisition of the skills. Another tangible proof of your skills will be the portfolio that you will create during the course!

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    Specific skills

    The programme of the course is tailored to the needs of the market. We teach the most important skills required to enter the IT world as a programmer. Our mission is to convey not only specific technical knowledge but to instil a certain way of thinking needed in the industry.

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    Teachers from the industry

    You will be taught by practitioners – experienced programmers who, like no one else, can instil in you the passion for the IT world. They also provide valuable and practical advice not only about programming but also about the market.

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    Keep up with trends

    Each course has its own content coordinator. Thanks to our substantive team you can be sure that the courses are tailored to the needs of the IT market.

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    Do you have any questions?

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Programme of the course

Introduction to programming

Key issues:

  • Basics of HTML, CSS, and Angular JS
  • Basics of JVM
  • Java Standard Edition
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Introduction to programming
  • GIT + Cygwin version control systems
Java Technology

Key issues:

  • Introduction to Java
  • Programming in Java
  • Databases
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Frameworks based on Spring
  • JSP technology and Servlets
Supplementary information

Key issues:

  • UML basics
  • IT project management (Scrum)
  • Software testing

Key issues:

  • UseCase
  • Practical project

I've decided, what next?

  • 01

    Application process

    Send us an application form that can be found on the right-hand side of the screen (Sign up). This does not mean that your participation is confirmed and you are required to pay.

    We will contact you within 48 hours to dispel any doubts. If you choose to enrol in the course, we will complete the formalities. At this point, your participation is confirmed and a spot in the course is booked.

  • 02

    Online courses

    During our first contact, we will send you online courses.

    They will help you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of programming and the basics of your chosen technology.

    Course participants are obliged to complete them before starting classes.

  • 03


    The course lasts for about 3 months. We meet from Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm. During classes, you will learn the secrets of programming from scratch and create your own project.

  • 04

    HR support

    During and after the course you will be provided with support of an IT industry HR consultant who will prepare you to effectively search for a job. He will help you to create application documents, teach you soft skills, and provide you with a list of the most common topics/tasks that you will most likely encounter on your way looking for work.

Flexible forms of payment:

We help you find a job

As the only programming academy we are the creators of the Graduate Success Programme.
The programme provides constant and complex care of every course participant & alumni of our programmes.

- You receive job search assistance at every stage of the course and after its completion

- You will get valuable tips on how to get started in the IT industry

- You will meet with HR consultants

- It will prepare you for an effective job search

- You will improve your resume

- You will get tips on how to make a good impression during an interview

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Opinions of our graduates

  • Magdalena Majchrzak

    Software Developer Front-end, back-end development “I'm an example that the courses give you a good start and the opportunity to start programming adventure. I have completed the front-end course and I have been working as a graphic designer for more than 2 years now”
  • Maciej Lisowski

    Junior testing and analysis engineer .NET from scratch “Professional selection of trainers and very good contact with the organizer. This course is a great entry into the IT industry. After 1.5 weeks after the course I received an offer to work with one of the largest companies in the IT industry.”
  • Adrian Maryniewski

    iOS Developer Java from scratch “It was such a hard work for four months, but it pays off. The decision to change the industry is a decision for years, not weeks. I heartily recommend!”
  • Łukasz Perwejnis

    Junior Developer Java from scratch “Do you want to know the basics of programming? Are you motivated? Can you spend a lot of time achieving your goal? This is a course for you, but remember – no pain, no gain!”